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Company: Checklists for Offering Events on CE Zoom

There are eight different sets of instructions based on what type of event you are offering and if you are requiring attendees to pre-register on CE Zoom prior to your event or not.

Find the event description that describes your event (webinar, single course, conference, or webinar conference) and how you will be using CE Zoom (are you requiring pre-registration).  Click on the link to view the checklist that will aid you in how to use CE Zoom for your event (before, during, and after). 

All Attendees Pre-registered on CE Zoom prior to the event

  1. Live Streamed Webinars (Free and Paid)
  2. Live In-person Single Course (Free and Paid)
  3. Live Streamed Webinar Conference (Free and Paid)
  4. Live In-person Conference (Free and Paid)

Attendees Did Not Pre-register on CE Zoom prior to the event- The offering company is only using CE Zoom after the event

  1. Live Streamed Webinars 
  2. Live Courses in-person courses
  3. Live Streamed Webinar Conferences
  4. Live in-person conferences