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Company: Checklist for a Live-Streamed Webinar Conference (Attendees Did NOT Pre-Register on CE Zoom)

Please follow the directions below.

Prior to Your Conference

  1. Add your course on CE Zoom. (How to add a conference/multi-course event)
    1. Private Setting: make sure your course is set to private.  If you do not mark as private CE Zoom members can search and find your course on CE Zoom. 
    2. Verification Code: Make sure your verification code does not have any special characters (&*$~!?) or spaces.
    3. Joining Link: DO NOT FORGET to add the direct unique live streaming link for each course within the course notes section in the add a course screen especially if you did not mark your course as private. Since your attendees will not be pre-registering for this course on CE Zoom prior to the event you may not see the importance of adding a webinar join link, but we still really highly recommend just in case assistance is needed and CE Zoom Tech Support can assist.  If you wish to not input your direct webinar link you must input the information on how each attendee can obtain the direct webinar link (such as an external registration link that will give them the joining link) along with a contact email that will be returning emails at the beginning of the course to help attendees get connected to your event.
  2. AGD PACE join providership (if applicable)
    1. Send signed AGD Joint Provider Agreement to Katrinna@cezoom.com
    2. Send signed Image of Authenticity Doc to Katrinna@cezoom.com
    3. Send PowerPoint for review to Katrinna@cezoom.com 14 days prior to the event for approval (PowerPoint and PDF file will be accepted, we will not accept video presentations)
  3. Update and forward the attached Verification slide to each presenter with their course information and verification code. This is just a template that needs to be updated (registration link and QR code) for each course. The course verification code can be found as follows: 
      • Log into your CE Zoom company account
      • Click on My Courses then Live Courses
      • The verification code will be displayed under the column titled Credit Verification Code

    Day of the Conference:

    1. Make sure you set your live streaming software to collect analytics on the times each attendee is connected. (You will only confirm attendees that meet the minimum time requirement)
    2. Please have the contact email available to return emails for all attendees that need assistance joining your live streaming event.
    3. At the beginning of each course please announce:
      1. A CE Zoom verification code will be displayed and announced at the concussion of the course. Please make sure you obtain this code. We will be emailing you instructions on how to verify to receive credit.
      2. The verification code will not be re-issued so it is important that each attendee receives the code prior to disconnecting. (to follow AGD guidelines we can not re-issue verification codes)
      3. Let attendees know if they get disconnected to please reconnect and how 
      4. All attendees must attend a minimum of X min to be confirmed to receive credit (minimum time =50 min per hour fo instruction). Announce you will only be releasing CE certificates to those that attended the minimum time requirement and verified with the verification code announced at the end of the course.
    4. At the conclusion of the course:
      1. Display the verification code slide for a min of 5 min and verbally announce the verification code multiple times. 
      2. Let everyone know you will email instructions on how to receive their CE Credit through CE Zoom.
    5. If all these steps have been completed, their CE Certificate will be in their "records" under "manage CE" on their CE Zoom account once their attendance has been confirmed.

    After the Conference

    1. Email all attendees the How to Receive Credit follow up email {Follow up Email Template}
    2. Confirm all eligible attendees How to Confirm Attendees

    Attendee Registration Instructions (Step1)

    {Insert registration link}

    1. Click the registration link above
    2. Click Register
    3. Click yes if you are already a CE Zoom member, log in and skip to step #6,  click unsure/no if you are new to CE Zoom or are unsure if you have a CE Zoom account.
    4. Click register as a professional
    5. Select your state, license type, and enter in the 1st 4 letters of your name (first or last) and click search.  If your name is found, click select and log in, if your name is not found, click “Don't see your name?  Click here to register” and continue through the registration form. 
    6. Select all the courses you attended
    7. Click Register

      Attendee Verification Instructions (Step 2)

      1. Log into your CE Zoom account at www.cezoom.com. If you are new to CE Zoom you created a CE Zoom account when you registered for this course. If you are already on your CE Zoom account click "Dashboard" on the navigation menu.
      2. From your dashboard under scheduled courses click the green verify button associated with the course you attended. If your screen is zoomed in you may have to scroll down to see your scheduled courses
      3. Enter the verification code announced at the conclusion of the course, check any membership associations and enter your member number (if applicable), and submit. Please note if you are an AGD member and you do not enter your correct 6 digit member number, the offering company will not be able to submit your record to AGD.
      4. Take any required surveys
      5. Repeat for each course you attended


      If attendees did not pre-register please give them the CE Zoom registration link to register then they can follow the verification records above.