Why are my CE's pending? How do I change the pending status of my CE's

There are 2 reasons why your CE could be pending. 1. Pending Attendance/Completion Confirmation 2. Pending Required Survey

Pending Attendance/Completion Confirmation- Please allow up to 7 days for your attendance to be confirmed.  You have completed everything on your end to receive credit. This status can only be changed by the offering company once they confirm you have attended, and can not be changed by you.  As required by the AGD guidelines and other governing bodies, companies must confirm each attendee attended the minimum time allowance or stayed logged into a live streaming classroom for the minimum amount of time.  For live streaming events, companies are confirming attendance according to live-streaming analytics generated by the software that streamed the event. 

Pending required survey. Once you complete the survey, this requirement will be satisfied.

How to access your surveys:
  1. Log into your CE Zoom account www.cezoom.com/login
  2. Click My Surveys
  3. Click Take Survey for the course survey you wish to complete


If after 7 days your CE is still pending please reach out to the offering company regarding your attendance status.

You can find the contact email for the offering company by clicking the "View" button associated with the course you have been marked ineligible.
Step 1: 
Option 1: From your Dashboard (if the course happened over 3 months ago to option 2) click Scheduled Courses then view button associated with the course you have been marked ineligible 
View Scheduled Course
Option 2: Navigation Menu: click on Verify Past Courses, View My Past Courses, then Course Details
Course Details


Once on the View Details page scroll down to course details where the contact email will be displayed
Course Contact 2