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My attendee did not receive their member discount

If you are offering a member discount for attendees that are active members of your association, company, or club but a known member did not receive the member discount pricing when registering for your event, it is most likely because they failed to verify their membership by inputting their member email and member number when registering. Once an attendee selects a registration category that is eligible for a member discount, 2 more fields will display under the heading 'Membership Verification,' asking your attendee to input their member number and email.  If the attendee skipped this step or did not complete both fields the system will not be triggered to calculate their member discount.

Below is the steps to take so your attendee can receive the member discount pricing.

  • Reach out to your attendee and give them instructions on how to edit their registration to receive the member discount pricing. You can forward them this link to the knowledge-based article called: How to edit my registration to receive my member discount.
  • Once the attendee has edited their registration and applied for their membership status and shows a credit balance due to them, you can issue a refund back to the credit card they used to make the purchase. (How to issue a refund)