I Have Been Marked Ineligible to receive CE Credit.

Ineligible status means you can not receive your CE credit.

CE Zoom requires a 2 part authentication prior to any CE certificate to be released.  

Live Course:

1a.  The professional must attend the course in its fullness

1b. Obtain the verification code announced or displayed at the conclusion of the course

1c.  Verify the course with the issued verification code.

2.  The offering company must confirm the attendee's attendance.

Self Study:

1. The professional must complete the course in its fullness

2.  The professional must complete an evaluation of knowledge retention (test) at a pass rate of  80% or higher.


If any of the above requirements have not been met a CE Certificate can not be issued.  The offering company has the right to mark an attendee ineligible if the attendee did not show up, did not attend the event for the minimum time allowance, did not receive the verification code, did not verify, did not pay, or did not pass the test within the minimum allowable attempts. 

If you would like to reach out to the offering company regarding your ineligible status please follow the instructions below to find the contact email.

You can find the contact email for the offering company by clicking the "View" button associated with the course you have been marked ineligible.
Step 1: 
Option 1: From your Dashboard (if the course happened over 3 months ago to option 2) click the view button associated with the course you have been marked ineligible 
Option 2: Navigation Menu: click on schedule, view courses, then course details


Once on the View Details page scroll down to course details where the contact email will be displayed