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What if my attendee paid by check instead of using our registration through CE Zoom?

It is not recommended to accept checks when using CE Zoom's registration, as all attendees that wish to receive their CE Certificates will still need to register for your event on CE Zoom using the same process as all online registrations. The only difference will be they will be entering in a promo code, you have to create, instead of a credit card. They will not be saving any time and will not be skipping the online registration process. Accepting checks will create more work on you, the offering company, and the attendee.  Plus it can cause confusion and frustrations for both parties. However, if you still want to accept checks or manual payments for your event, you will need to create a promo code for that individual that paid manually, so they can register on CE Zoom. Please note that you, the offering company, will be responsible for the CE Zoom service fees, so make sure that you added in CE Zoom service fees to all manual payments.  

Promo code (How to create a promo code): You will want to create that individual a 100% off promo code so they will not be charged to register on CE Zoom, but again please note, the offering company, will be charged the CE Zoom service fee for all manual payments and the applied service fees will be deducted from your net payable revenue.  If your event is a pay per course event, please note, by creating a 100% off promo, your will be issuing a promo that will allow the attendee full access to register for courses and events they might not have paid for. If you create a fixed promo code for the amount they paid manually, the attendee will have to pay the CE Zoom service fee, as service fees are not waived with fixed promo codes.

If you wish for a CE Zoom specialist to register the attendee that paid manually so that you or they do not have to complete the registration process on CE Zoom, there will be an additional $25 CE Zoom administrative fee deducted from your total net payable revenue (this is in addition to the CE Zoom service fees).  You can request this service by emailing help@cezoom.com and asking if a CE Zoom specialist to please assist in registering an attendee that manually paid for your event.  Please include "attendees name", "event name", "courses" and "events" they paid for, "how much they paid", etc. The attendee must have a CE Zoom account prior to a CE Zoom specialist completing their registration.   

**FYI,  it is always recommended to add in an additional Manual Registration Fee on top of the CE Zoom service fees to help compensate for the extra time and admin fees associated with manual registrations and bring awareness that it is faster and cheaper to register online.