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How to add a Registration: promo codes

Promo codes allow you to create discounts that you can pass out to your invitees.


Click "Add"


Registration Plan

 The Registration Plan will be auto-selected to the conference or course that you adding this promo too.


Promo Code

Name the Promo Code the user will use to obtain this promotion (case insensitive, 20 characters max).  Do not use special characters or spaces.

When creating promo codes it is recommend to create promo names that help you remember why you issued the discount.

Promotional Discount examples:  spring2019, 25off, save10, student50

If creating a promo code to transfer a registration you could name the promo by using both names.  Example:  Original attending = Kathy, New attendee = Julie, example promo: KathytoJulie


If creating a promo code to allow an attendee to register on CE Zoom because they paid by check you could name the promo using the attendees name with ck pay. Example Kathyckpay 


Promo Type


The type of discount for this Promo Code. The value provided below will be treated as either a percentage or fixed discount based on this setting.

Percentage:  this promo type will give your invitees a percentage (%) off the registration total.  Currently we do not offer the ability to apply or limit what products the promo codes are applied too. 

Fixed:  this promo type will give your invitees a fixed value off their registration total.


Promo Value


Enter the value of either the percentage or fixed price discount, enter a numeric value without '$'  or % sign.

Percentage: If you selected percentage, you can offer a value of 1-100.  If you are offering a "free" or 100% off registration and wish for all CE Zoom fees to be waived you will need to create a 100% off promo.  If you create a fixed promo code for the exact amount of the registration fees, your attendees or the offering company will still have to pay any applicable CE Zoom fees.

Fixed:  If you selected fixed, you will input the dollar amount you will be discounting the final registration cost.




The promo code will need to be marked active for it to work.  If you want to stop the use of the promo code you can edit it and change the status to no to make it inactive.


Start Date


This is the date you wish the promo code to start being active. You can edit the start date at any time to extend or shorten the active dates of your promo code.


End Date


This is the date you wish the promo code to no longer be active.  You can edit the end date at  any time to extend or shorten the active dates of your promo code.


Allowed Uses


How many total uses do you wish to offer with this promo code.   Enter 0 for unlimited.

Please note that the uses are calculated on each time the promo code is used.  If attendee A, registers for your event and uses promo code A, that will count for 1 use.  If attendee A edits their registration and clicks save to submit changes that will count for another use of the promo code, as the promo code will be used to re-calculate their discount.

You can always add more uses if needed.




Repeat for each promo code you wish to add