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How to switch between your Presenter, Professional, and Company account

If you registered as a Speaker / Presenter you will automatically be given a dual account (Presenter account and a Professional account), or if you have been granted account manager permissions you will have access to log into that company account from your professional account. 

To switch between your accounts...

Step 1: Log into your CE Zoom account at www.cezoom.com

Step 2: Click the expansion arrow by your name to expand the drop-down menu

Step 3: Click on the "Switch to Professional", "Switch to Presenter", or "Switch to Company Name" to switch between your accounts. 


Switch between accounts


If you do not have the option to switch to a presenter account and you need a presenter account please DO NOT create another account.  Create a ticket at support.cezoom.com and ask to have a presenter account added to your professional account.

If you believe you should be an account manager for a company and do not have the option to "Switch" to your companies account, please contact the company you are associated with and ask them to add you as an account manager. (How to Add /Edit Account Manager Permissions)