Does this CE Count in My State? Is this CE Clinical?

There are many factors that need to be taken into account when determining if a CE counts in your state. CE Zoom gives you 2 easy options.

Each state has its own rules and regulations regarding how many CE hours are required and which CE's count toward those hours and how they are allocated. 

Each course listed on CE Zoom will display the educational method, educational type, provider affiliations, and course categories the offering company chooses for the course.  This information is accessed by viewing course details.  

With this information, you can refer to your CE Zoom Ultimate Tracker to see how it will be allocated towards your license renewal or you can use the quick link, we added on our CE Zoom dashboard, to your state's rules and regulations webpage.

Finding this information Prior to registering

Finding this information After you have registered


Prior to registering

All course details (education method, educational type, course category, and provider affiliation) will be displayed in the course overview of the public registration page for a single course and in the course details for courses that are a part of a conference.

Single course: all details will be listed in the overview. Once you know the course details you can refer to your Ultimate CE Tracker or use the quick link to your states rules and regulations.

Courses that are part of a conference: Scroll down past the conference overview until you see the list of courses being offered. Click the details button for the course of choice to view the Educational Type, Educational Method, Course Categories, and Provider Affiliation. Once you know the course details you can refer to your Ultimate CE Tracker or use the quick link to your state's rules and regulations.



How to find course details after you have registered: 

You can find the course details by clicking the "View" button associated with the course.
Step 1: 
Option 1: From your Dashboard, click the View button associated with the course of interest. (If the course happened more than 3 months ago, skip to Option 2.)
Screenshot 2023-04-10 at 12.49.54 PM


Option 2: Navigation Menu: click on My Scheduled Courses, View My Courses, Course Details
Screenshot 2023-04-10 at 1.03.22 PM


Step 2:
Once on the View Details page, scroll down to Course Details where the Course Categories, Educational Method, and Provider Affiliation are displayed

Educational Methods that are Live:

  • Lecture and Participation
  • Discussion
  • Hands-On


Option 1: CE Zoom's Ultimate CE Tracker

CE Zoom has studied all 50 state's rules and regulations for all Dental license types and permits and created CE Zoom's Ultimate CE Tracker to help guide professionals in understanding what their state requires in terms of CE to renewing their license(s).

CE Zoom's Ultimate CE Tracker guides professionals with their states CE renewal requirements for each license and/or permit they hold, by separating out all CE renewal requirements per license types into groups. 

Each group takes into account:

      • Minimum and maximum allowable CE hours
      • Required approved providers
      • Excluded courses
      • Courses that are required but not allowed to count towards CE hours

The Ultimate CE Tracker also tracks max self-study vs live courses, displaying when the max limit on self-study as been reached. 

If you have access to this upgraded feature you can refer to your personal tracker to see how the course will be allocated towards your license renewal. (Understanding your Ultimate Tracker)


Option 2: State's Rules and Regulations Website

If upgrading to CE Zoom's Ultimate CE Tracker is not for you, we still have you covered! From your CE Zoom Dashboard, we have a quick link to your state's rules and regulations. Click View Full State Requirements and this should take you to your state's website.

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