Understanding the Manage CE Certificates page

All your CE records will be stored in order of completion under your Manage CE's page.

Want a quick view of the CE's you have obtained or upload? Here's how to do that

Step 1: Log into your CE Zoom. account at www.cezoom.com

Step 2: Select " Records" from the navigation menu

Step 3: Select "Manage CE's"




This will show you all the records you have stored on CE Zoom


CE Records

Step 4: Click the down arrow on the blue Manage button next to CE record you need 


Manage CE records

Eye icon: This will allow you to view all the details of the course

Pencil icon: Allows you to edit courses you manually uploaded

Trash icon: Allows you to completely delete the record,  once you delete a record it will be permanently removed, so do not delete unless you absolutely no longer need the CE record

View/ Print Certificate: Allows you to view and/or print your certificate 


view print certificate