Rollover CE's - How to carry forward your CE hours to your next renewal cycle or apply them to a past renewal cycle.

Some states allow you to carry forward CE hours that are earned in a prior renewal cycle if the hours earned were in excess to the previous renewal cycle requirement hours.

How to roll over/carry forward a CE record to a future renewal cycle, or apply a CE record to a past renewal cycle.

  • Log into your CE Zoom professional account
  • Click on "records" then "manage CE's"

  • If you have multiple licenses, first you will want to select the license you are wanting to roll the CE record over for, to filter all your CE records that are specific to the selected license
  • Click on the blue Manage button under the Actions column, click on Edit Record, associated with the record you want to carry forward or backward

  • From the edit CE record page, locate the field that states Renewal Period

  • Click the down arrow to expand all the renewal periods available to which to re-allocate your CE record.  If your state does not allow you to carry CE hours forward, the only options you will have will be to apply the CE to a past renewal cycle. 
  • Click Save.  The CE will automatically be re-allocated to the selected renewal period and tracked against that renewal cycle.
 **If you know your state allows rollover CEs and your tracker is not giving you the option to carry your CE hours forward, please reach out to our support team at and we will look into your state's rules and regulations and update accordingly.  This is a new feature we just rolled out and are in the process of updating all states, so we might not have updated your state yet.