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How to verify my course

How to verify your course in your CE Zoom account

How to Verify from your Dashboard: 

  1. Log in to your CE Zoom account
  2. From your dashboard click the check mark next to Scheduled Courses to open down, click the green verify button associated with the course you attended. (If your screen is too zoomed in you will have to scroll down)
Scheduled Courses-3


Verify Button


3. Click arrow on License/permit(s) and check 'select all', enter verification code, check any membership associations (if applicable), enter code and submit
Verification code


4. Take any required surveys and/or test
Take Test Survey
Take Test


5. Repeat for each course you attended
In My Scheduled Courses under View My Courses, Each Course has a verification button to input your verification code.
How to verify from My Scheduled Courses: