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How to Export My Attendees

1. Export all attendees that registered for a Paid Registration

2. Export all attendees registered for a specific course

How to export all attendees that registered for all courses at my event Paid registrations only (not course-specific)

1.  From the companies Navigation Menu, click on My Registration then Registration Plans


2.  This page will show all registrations for all your events.  At the top of the page there will be a filter by Plan Type to help narrow the registration plans you are viewing. 

Click the down arrow to expand the drop down menu

Click the plan type for the registration of the event you are wanting to export attendees for.

3.  Under View Details, click select to expand a drop-down menu.  Click Registration Overview

4. Click Actions under the Registrations stat table to expand the drop-down menu

5.  Click export attendees

How to export my attendees for a particular course

Step 1. 

Click on the little person icon associated with the course you wish to export the attendees.  The little person icon is an action icon associated with your courses, which in multiple places.

A.  Under Upcoming Courses on the companies dashboard

B. Under Recently Completed Live Course on the companies dashboard

C.  Under Active Self Study Courses and Recently Expired Self Study Courses on the companies dashboard

D. From the Navigation menu click on "My Courses" and then "Live Courses

E.  From the Navigation Menu- My Courses - Self Study Courses


Step 2. 

Scroll down to the bottom of the Attendee Manager Screen

Step 3. 

Click on Export Attendees