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How to create a Survey with the copy feature

We have created a short cut which allows you to quickly create a copy of an already created survey that can be edited, renamed, and saved so you do not have to create a new survey from scratch for each course you offer.

Step 1:  From the Navigation Menu select "My Surveys" then "Survey Manager"

My Surveys Company

Step 2:  Click the copy button associated with the survey you want to make a duplicate copy of

Copy Survey

Step 3: Make necessary changes

Step 4: Re-name the survey and click save.  We highly recommend you rename the new survey, but if you click save without re-naming the duplicate copy, you will be able to distinguish the original survey from the copied survey because all copied surveys will have a date and time stamp in addition to the name of your original certificate. 

Step 5: Save


Survey Not Saving

If you click save and you are not advanced to the next screen and you receive the above message, you might have missed a required field.  Scroll back up through your survey.  All required fields that do not have any data will be highlighted red for quick recognition of what is still required prior to saving. 


You can edit the survey as many times as needed up tell a professional verifies the course the survey is attached to. After which the survey will become a read only document