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How to create a Conference/ Multi Course Event

Any time you are offering an event that has more than one course you will want to create a conference/multi-course event.

Creating a Conference/ Multi-Course Event will allow you to group all the courses you will be offering together so your invitees can view and register for the event with one registration link. 

When do I create a conference/ multi course event?

  • Any time you are offering an event that has more than one course.
  • Any time your event is more than one day, even if you are only offering 1 course. (State Licensing Boards only recognize 8 hours of CE credit hours per day, therefore one course that is offered over multiple days needs to have 1 CE Certificate per day.)
  • If you break a 1-day course into a morning and afternoon course.  (This is highly recommended so you can issue partial credit for attendees that do not stay all day.  If you only list the course as an all-day course and an attendee leaves early you will have no way to issue partial CE Credit.

How to create your conference/ multi-day event


You can create a conference/ multi-day event  2 ways

    1. From your Dashboard, click on Add a Conference/ Multi-Course Event

Add conference-1

        b.   From the Navigation Menu click on "Conferences" then "Manage My Conferences"
Manage my Conference

Click Add Conference
Add Conference button

Understanding the Conference Setup Screen


Enter in the title of your Event



Upload the Logo you want to display on your registration page, this can be your company logo or the logo created for your event


Display Logo Full Width

Yes: This will display your logo in a larger format,  filling up most of the white space above your Conference Title.  If your file is large you will want to select no.

No:  This will display your logo in a smaller format within the white area above your Conference title.


Blurred Background Image

Setting this parameter will cause your uploaded logo to be used as a background image with a blur effect applied to it. The overall effect is of an abstract background that matches the color pallet of your logo since it's derived from that. The amount of blur required will vary between images to get the desired effect, so its best to try different levels and view the results. Setting this parameter will override the background color selection.


Background Color

This will only be a choice if you leave the blurred background image set to no image.  This is the color of the background behind your provided logo image. Setting this will replace the default color with your own.  To choose a color you can click within the color large color box to select different hues or to change colors click on the side color template.


Overview *required

Overview of your event (required prior to approval)

Include an overall summary of your course and at least 3 learning objectives.

If you are using CE Zoom/ Zoom Educations AGD PACE Joint Providership you will also need to include

  1. The Zoom Education AGD Logo / provider statement (required by AGD)
  2. The Joint Providership statement (required by AGD)


Start & End Date

The dates on which your event starts and ends.  If it is a one-day event the start and end date will be the same.  If your event has a social evening 1 day prior to the CE course you might want to include that as your start date.



Select your targeted audience


Conference Sponsor

List any and all sponsors.  You will have the opportunity to list specific sponsors for each course when adding the course.



Address:  Input the name of the venue

Address 2:  Input the physical address your event is being held at

Conference Room Suite:  Input the area in the venue where your event is being held



If you are not using CE Zoom's Registration for a paid event you will want to input the URL to the paid registration for this event.  If you accidentally put something in here, and end up using CE Zoom's registration, the system will deactivate this registration link.


Max Attendance

Input the max attendance (overall registrations) your event can support.  This will be a read-only field for the conference.  You will have the opportunity to put a max attendance for each course, that will limit the seat count for that course if using CE Zoom's paid registration


Total Credits

Enter in the total Credits any one attendee could receive.  You will be inputting the total credits for each course when adding the course


Conference Contact, Phone, Email

Input the person of contact for this event.  CE Zoom tech support will direct questions for this event to the person listed above.


Click Save