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How to create a CE certificate with the copy feature

Quickly create a new CE Certificate!

We have created a short cut which allows you to quickly create a copy of an already designed CE Certificate that can be edited, renamed, and saved so you do not have to create a new certificate from scratch each time there is a slight change.

Step 1:  From the Navigation Menu select "My Certificates" 

My Certificates-1

Step 2:  Select Manage by certificate  you want to make a duplicate copy of and Copy Record

Copy Certificate Button


Step 3: Re-name the certificate and click save.  


We highly recommend you rename the new certificate, but if you click save without re-naming the copy, you will be able to distinguish the original certificate from the copied certificate because all copied certificates will have a date and time stamp in addition to the name of your original certificate. 

Step 4:  Edit the copied certificate as needed.

  •  Click the pencil action icon associated with the certificate you want to edit
  •  Make your changes
  •  Preview 

Step 5: Save