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How to add a Registration: member discount options

If you offer discounts to members of your organization you will need to set up discount pricing.

If you choose Yes to Member Discount under step 1 of creating your registration, you will have the option to select Member Discount Options.

Member Discount Options

Discount Type

Percentage - Allows you to select an overall percentage discount to offer your verified members. This options applies the percentage discount to entire registration cost.  I do not recommend this option for conference or courses that have events that have additional fees attached as you can not select which courses/ events/ or services receive the member discount. The entire registration and all selections will be discounted

Fixed- Allows you to select a fixed discount amount off of the total registration.  This option works best for single courses or if you want all members to receive the same discount no matter what course/courses and or events they pick. 

Individual Package/ Course Discount- Allows you to individually input the final discount price in the pricing table for each package and or course(s) you offer.  This is CE Zoom's preferred discount type.


Discount Value (this only appears if you choose percentage or fixed amount for discount type)

Percentage:  Input the percentage value you will be discounting the total registration fees by for your verified members.  Do Not include the % sign

Fixed: Input the fixed discount total you will be offering for your verified members.  Example:  If you are offering $10 off the total for all members you will input 10 in the discount value field.  Do Not include the $ sign


Discount Categories

All Registration Categories you selected within Step 1, Basic information, of your registration creation, will be available for selection under discount categories.  You will only select the registration category(s) that are allowed to verify to receive member discount pricing.  Usually this is a single selection

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