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How to Add a Course with the Copy Feature. Used when the same course is offered Multiple Times

We have created a short cut which allows you to quickly create a copy of an existing course, edit the necessary fields (the date, time, location, survey, and certificate) and save it so you do not have to create a complete new course from scratch each time you offer the same course at a new time, date, and location.

Step 1:  From the Navigation Menu select "My Courses" 

Step 2:  Select the double paper action icon associated with the course you want to make a duplicate copy of.

Step 3: Make necessary edits (Title of course if needed (we recommend removing the date and time stamp), date, time, location, certificate, and survey 

Step 4: Save

If you click the double paper action icon, make no changes, and save the course, you will be able to distinguish this course from the original by the title of the course.  CE Zoom automatically adds a date and time stamps to the title of the copied courses as a way to distinguish the newly created course.