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Copying and Using the CE Certificate Link for Self Study / On Demand Courses

All Self Study / On Demand courses listed on CE Zoom will have a CE Certificate Link.  The CE Certificate link is the link that you, the offering company, will use to direct attendees to CE Zoom to complete the test and received their CE Certificate. If you are using an outside testing mechanism, and set the Test Type to Managing Testing outside of CE Zoom,  the CE Certificate link will know to bye pass the test and simply issue a CE Certificate.


Copying the CE Certificate Link

Click on My Course, then click on Self Study Course

Click Cert Link under the column heading CE Cert Link for the self-study course of choice.

You will use the CE Certificate Link to direct attendees, that have completed your course, to CE Zoom to take the course completion test, if not done already,  and then receive their CE Certificate. 

Below is a few examples of how the CE Certificate Link was used.  If you do not have the ability to attach the CE Certificate Link to a Take Test or Receive your CE Credit button at the end of your Course, you can email the link to each attendee that has completed your course(s). 

The CE Certificate link is linked to the Take test in your CE Zoom Dashboard to earn CE Credits

The CE Certificate link is linked to the Click here to Take Test and Earn CE's